Capturing Happiness

Monday, October 22, 2012

My little French Girl......

Wee..Wee! KK was totally digging this cute little hat at AG store. I just love being a Mom to this wonderful little girl! We have so much fun togeather. She is spontaneous and witty. You just never know what will she will say.....Her teacher just told me "She is like a little person, inside a little person." I am assuming she meant she is a little adult inside a little person's body. Here are a few more pictures of shopping trip to AG store....

I think the bags were a little heavy...LOL

JSL Charity Ball 2012

Isn't my hubby the cutest?

 We had such a great time...80's music, great food and open bar. And all for a good cause...Military wifes.

Monday, October 1, 2012

#4 Sundays

Lately my favorite day of the week has been Sundays. This past Sunday was as perfect as the last one. I don't know if it is the cool weather, relaxing with my hubby and kk, or church. But they have just been wonderful. KK had her bestie over and they played so good while Ricky, my Mom and I watched the Texans game. I made baked chicken and pasta salad, we ate until we were completely satisfied. Lovely.

This was my happy moment in the day. The girls were playing with their dolls. Even Zoey was playing with Smokey the Bear...or shall I say chewing. Soon after this photo kk noticed and took the bear away from poor Zoey. I pray life is always this simple.

A Small Piece of My Paradise

When you look at this picture you might see a mat that needs to be straightened or leaves that should be sweeped but I see a little piece of my heaven. This is my Uncle Chris's porch. I rarely visit but it's a place where I feel home. It's where I enjoy drinking coffee in the morning and a bud light at night. There are no busy streets. Just dogs barking or strolling the street and the occassional smell of street dust as a truck drives by. I truly believe that when we go to heaven we will be surrounded by all the things here on earth that bring us peace. I know that it is said that there will be streets made of gold in Heaven but what if dirt roads are what I perfer?

Monday, September 24, 2012

#3 If Life gives you Lemons

Make Lemonade!

KK and I spent part of the afternoon picking lemons off the tree in hopes of giving the tree some rest. The tree just looked to darn tired from carrying the weight of the lemons. I could hear the tree go aawww! As it's limbs were relieved. We picked 32 lemons just off the bottom limbs! Whew...that's a lot of picking when you are swatting mosquitoes in the 98 degree weather.  We rewarded our self with Lemonade.

 3 Meyer Lemons
1.5 cups of sugar
2 quarts of water

Rocker Chic
KK's doll was feeling a little wild this weekend and needed an outfit to fit her mood. We decided to make her a fringed jean skirt with a  fitted skull and chain sleeveless top. We are hoping it's just a phase she is going through or she is just preparing for Halloween.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Capturing Happiness #2

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy moment!

My oven is working after 1 month and 7 days of craziness. My parent's wonderful friends and my hero's came and fixed the outlet for my oven. Which means....I don't have to buy a new one....And I have $850.00 in a Lowes gift card to go on a shopping spree! I guess it does pay off to buy the warranty! Sometimes their negligence works in your favor. Whoo Hoo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Capturing Happiness #1

When it seems the day could not get any worse, it is important to find a moment of happiness. It's important because when you find yourself dwelling on the negative of the past and dread what the future holds you are not enjoying the life God has given us. One day of staying negative could become two and two to three, and it is said once you do it three times it is yours. So instead of owning negative thoughts and spreading negative moments I want to share and own moment of happiness through pictures. I plan on doing this daily as long as I can.....So here we go!

This is my happy face! Trust me I can look at this picture and critique my eyes, smile, freckles, teeth....but this is me! I will love me just the way I am. Try anyways....LOL

Monday, September 10, 2012


Today is my Birthday and God delivered the most wonderful weather! For some reason it just made my whole day great! I love feeling the cool breeze. It gives me pep in my step. I have more energy and patients for little things.

10 Great Things on MY Birthday

1. My hubby was in bed with me when I woke up....instead of at work.
2. KK was so excited to tell me Happy Birthday and give me her gifts that she picked out. A heart necklace and 3 sets of cubic earrings. Wore them to church
3. Made it to church on time without any hiccups. The message was awesome. KK was able to show me where in the Bible the book Peter is and what it was about. I love church!
4. My brother remembered my age 32, unlike everyone else who thought I was older. crazy people!
5. My Mom stopped by to give me more jewelry and brought over a cake. It was so good.
6. Dana stopped by to pick up KK which gave Ricky and I time to go to Lowes and buy flowers
7. Planted flowers ....did I mention the weather was amazing!
8. We shared the first valley lemon off the tree for the season.
9. Watched Army Wives season finale...relax
10. Talked to Xavier and his roommates on Skype....It was so good seeing him.

So this is my Wally World moment.....Friday night we got to the Pleasure Pier they were closing. I seriously was disappointed. I was looking forward to riding the rides with my friends. But it was a no go. Maybe next time.

We did make a terrible mistake and ate at Bubba Gumps. The food was overpriced and horrible. The atmosphere on a Friday night was a downer...the food was surely not fresh but frozen. Hello! It's located on the water and they couldn't have fresh seafood. I am still amazed at how bad it was. We ate at Fish Tales the next day and that was so much better!

 And here is a picture of our victim. The first Valley Lemon off the tree for the year. Now what are we going to do with the other 40 of them.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Today is Yucky Icky Day

Well, I debated if I would blog this today....but this is my life and it is not all positive. And I feel like jotting a little right now...So here it is "I feel like Poop today!" I have had stomach issues all week long and today I am just feeling groose. But in the spirit of stayin positive. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! We have planned to stay the night in Galveston at Moody Gardens. My Brother in-law has given us a Suite. Heard it's as big as a small house. Yipee! We plan on going to Pleasure Pier which has tons of spinning rides that on a normal day I would be thrilled but today....ugh...I hope I can survive it. We don't get to get out much so I am putting a smile on my face and committed to having a great time! I plan on taking tons of pictures, hopefully none of me vomitting. But if it happens Oh Well, I went out  celebrating my BDAY! I really do hope we make it to the antique shops tomorrow afternoon. I love going down to the strand just looking in all the shops. But that will all depend on little Miss KK. If she starts calling us home we will loose our relax mode and head on home. Fingers Crossed!

Okay....Time to document life through pictures!

My Babies Headed back to School 2012

Miss KK she was also so excited about going back to school. She has this back pack that lights up when she walks. She totally loving life right now!


The XMan setting up his room in college for the first time. He is so excited and I am thrilled for him. I just hate that he is so far away. It's been 2 weeks and it is still freaking me out!

Okay down below is a coral snake I killed the 3rd day of school. KK and her friend walked right up on in on the way to the car. Talk about freaking out! This day could have totally ended differently if it wasn't for the girls being smart and running like crazy. I hate even thinking about it again. Scary!

Ricky and I fishing on our new boat! Life is good! I love that MAN!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Days of Summer....

Well we are now counting down the last days of summer! And looks like KK has found a way to cool off! I don't know how she has managed to get herself in there but she is having fun! That silly girl.   
Well, here is the proof that I completed a project! I think it looks perfect in her room! I did have to nail the "K" and the "N" down since the ribbon tugged them into awkward positions.

Next Monday is the begining of school so I have lots to complete till then! I will be taking X off to college 4 hours away. I am so scared I will forget something. I realize the world will not end if something doesn't go right but why? Do I feel like my head is spining out of control?

Friday, August 17, 2012

HTD Block Letters

So I bought this design from Hang To Dry Applique....WAY long ago! And I have totally been putting it off due to fear and the unknown. And oh my goodness they are so dang easy! It literally took me an hour or less to stitch them out. Now to put them together and hang them in KK's room will be another accomplishment on its own. KK picked out the pink and black polka dot ribbon.....not my first pick but it works!

KK moment:
So the other night I was in the need of some "Leave me alone in my studio so I can find peace Moment" and KK was in the need of "I'm the Princess and I want you to sit and watch another episode of Jesse with me Moment"

KK: Mom I want you (tired eyes)
Me: I will be there in a minute. Just go lay down.
KK: I want you now.
Me: Just give me a minute and I will be there
KK: No, I want you with me
Me: KK I just need a minute and I will be there OKAY! (angry face)
KK: WAAAAAAAAAAAHH! running down the hall way.

I was thinking OMG...Please. All I need is a minute to wind down. UGH! Now I can hear her crying and screaming "I want you" "Daddy, I want you"
Huh? I guess she doesn't realize her Daddy is at work....she's not getting that either. Oh well,  she will get over it.  Then I hear "SHE IS SO MEAN! I want you now DADDY!" I immediately get up to see who she is talking to.  She had called her Dad using Skype from her Itouch! LOL Really?! Tech Savy at 6 years old. Wow!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LMAO! Boy does time Fly!

Okay, let me give you an update! I still have not completed the Waldorf Doll. I finished the head.....which came out really cute! But that is it.....Still no body or hair! The head currently lives on my night stand waiting to come alive. I figured if I see it every day it would remind me that I need to finish or inspire me.

So what am I doing now? I stayed up until 2 am working on a cheer uniform for my daughter's American Girl doll. THAT I know I will complete. Since,  I am under contract by KK. I have finished the bloomers and the skirt. The shirt still needs some work but I am waiting to here back from the cheer coach to find out what KK's uniform will look like. So hopefully tonight it will get completed.

Me: Guess I'm heading back to the Sweat Shop
KK: Mom why don't you just get a fan?

I love that girl she has all the answers!

So for the sake of documenting my life through photos here are a few of my favorites:
Here are two towels I made while going through the hood towel craze! The designs came from Applique Corner ! I believe I bought almost all the designs. Yeah, I went crazy shopping not making. LOL

I made this shirt for 4th of July. Another awesome design from Hang To Dry Applique Crissie and Scott design so many wonderful things it is almost impossible to create them all. This one is my favorite!

This is my 1st place Trout! 6.9 oz 28 inches
Check out my bobber shirt! I got plenty of stares.

This is my hubby in the pouring rain hoping to catch a winning fish. I'm in the boat covering myself with a towel eating a snickers.

The pictures were taken during two different tournaments...So No I didn't beat my hubby.  LOL

Friday, February 3, 2012

Waldorf Dolls

The other day when I was reading blog. --So addicted-- I noticed that boo was holding this funny, little cute doll. My first instinct was "KK has to have one!"  And I was on a search, (I should be detective) on what kind of doll it was. Apparently, there is this world of Waldorf Dolls all over Etsy. They originated from Germany and they are made from all natural fibers. Sheep's wool, hand dyed yarn and so on. Unfortunately, they are also kinda pricey. So being my Dad's daughter my next thoughts are...."I can make it." You see my Dad believed he could make or fix anything. I believe he could too! The problem always was, was....WHEN! He always had a list of things that needed to get done. I would have felt sorry for him but if he felt like I feel....excited about the challenge....this is just our nature. I have so many projects to finish. And now I have added making a Waldorf doll to the list. I ordered the kit and made copies of the pattern. Now lets just see WHEN it gets done. lol

Funny moment to remember:
Mom: Today we were in a pickle!
KK: Yeah, we were in a pickle!
Essie: I'm Bread.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Will she be a song writer one day.....

Yesterday when I picked up KK from Memaw's house....
Memaw: Oh my gosh, she is so cute. She wants to write a song and she wanted me to help her. Let me go get it. But she said she doesn't want you to see it yet.
Me: Okay..smiling. No telling what she came up with
Memaw: Then she said we needed to add "do do do do" and started humming music.
Me: She is so crazy. I hope she finishes it.
Memaw: Too bad Mr. KCP will be picking her up from school tomorrow. So then maybe we could finish it.
Me: Hopefully, she won't forget about it.

I can't wait to hear it once she completes it. I remember making up songs as a child but never sharing them with anyone. It's awesome that she knows she is cool =).