Capturing Happiness

Monday, August 20, 2012

Days of Summer....

Well we are now counting down the last days of summer! And looks like KK has found a way to cool off! I don't know how she has managed to get herself in there but she is having fun! That silly girl.   
Well, here is the proof that I completed a project! I think it looks perfect in her room! I did have to nail the "K" and the "N" down since the ribbon tugged them into awkward positions.

Next Monday is the begining of school so I have lots to complete till then! I will be taking X off to college 4 hours away. I am so scared I will forget something. I realize the world will not end if something doesn't go right but why? Do I feel like my head is spining out of control?

Friday, August 17, 2012

HTD Block Letters

So I bought this design from Hang To Dry Applique....WAY long ago! And I have totally been putting it off due to fear and the unknown. And oh my goodness they are so dang easy! It literally took me an hour or less to stitch them out. Now to put them together and hang them in KK's room will be another accomplishment on its own. KK picked out the pink and black polka dot ribbon.....not my first pick but it works!

KK moment:
So the other night I was in the need of some "Leave me alone in my studio so I can find peace Moment" and KK was in the need of "I'm the Princess and I want you to sit and watch another episode of Jesse with me Moment"

KK: Mom I want you (tired eyes)
Me: I will be there in a minute. Just go lay down.
KK: I want you now.
Me: Just give me a minute and I will be there
KK: No, I want you with me
Me: KK I just need a minute and I will be there OKAY! (angry face)
KK: WAAAAAAAAAAAHH! running down the hall way.

I was thinking OMG...Please. All I need is a minute to wind down. UGH! Now I can hear her crying and screaming "I want you" "Daddy, I want you"
Huh? I guess she doesn't realize her Daddy is at work....she's not getting that either. Oh well,  she will get over it.  Then I hear "SHE IS SO MEAN! I want you now DADDY!" I immediately get up to see who she is talking to.  She had called her Dad using Skype from her Itouch! LOL Really?! Tech Savy at 6 years old. Wow!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LMAO! Boy does time Fly!

Okay, let me give you an update! I still have not completed the Waldorf Doll. I finished the head.....which came out really cute! But that is it.....Still no body or hair! The head currently lives on my night stand waiting to come alive. I figured if I see it every day it would remind me that I need to finish or inspire me.

So what am I doing now? I stayed up until 2 am working on a cheer uniform for my daughter's American Girl doll. THAT I know I will complete. Since,  I am under contract by KK. I have finished the bloomers and the skirt. The shirt still needs some work but I am waiting to here back from the cheer coach to find out what KK's uniform will look like. So hopefully tonight it will get completed.

Me: Guess I'm heading back to the Sweat Shop
KK: Mom why don't you just get a fan?

I love that girl she has all the answers!

So for the sake of documenting my life through photos here are a few of my favorites:
Here are two towels I made while going through the hood towel craze! The designs came from Applique Corner ! I believe I bought almost all the designs. Yeah, I went crazy shopping not making. LOL

I made this shirt for 4th of July. Another awesome design from Hang To Dry Applique Crissie and Scott design so many wonderful things it is almost impossible to create them all. This one is my favorite!

This is my 1st place Trout! 6.9 oz 28 inches
Check out my bobber shirt! I got plenty of stares.

This is my hubby in the pouring rain hoping to catch a winning fish. I'm in the boat covering myself with a towel eating a snickers.

The pictures were taken during two different tournaments...So No I didn't beat my hubby.  LOL