Capturing Happiness

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I posted my Goal on the World Wide Web!!!!!!! Now I have to live by it...because everything on the web is true!

Today I took a huge leap and shared my goal of eating healthy on a forum I have been a member of for almost 2 years. Am I crazy! I did it because I think I am ready to work towards my goal of living to102 no matter what my weight may be.

My focus will be more on the healthy choices rather than weight goals. In hopes that by my healthy choices I will loose weight. Since, everytime before I have quit when I didn't see results. Or loose the weight then celebrate with a big hamburger and gain it all back after the summer. So what have I done...

1. I brought out my juicer...This purchase was a result of watching fat, sick and nearly dead. last year but I stopped after a couple of months.
2. Now I am reading Eat to Live. This book is really helping because I read it every night before I go to bed which gets me geared up to fight off McDonalds on my way to work in the morning. I am only on Chapter 5 but when I get to Chapt 9 I will get to the reciepes and list of foods I will eat. I have not peaked AT ALL. I am trying to train my brain for what  I getting ready to hopefully commit to. Or I might see the list and close the book and head to Chick fil A.

Things I have changed so far....
1. Less than one diet coke a day. (4 days)
2. drinking 2 bottles of water a day (2 days)
3. No salt added to my meals (2 days)
4. I have cooked 5 days straight 2 days without salt or oil
5. No eating out at lunch or dinner...packing healthy food (8 days)
6. Protein shakes in the morning (2 days)

Okay I realize I have not been doing this long....but the more I read the more I understand what all the high fat, sodium, sugar etc. is doing to my body. And since my goal is to live to 102 I have a long ways to go! And if I beat that goal I won't be disappointed! LOL

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oops! It's been longer than I though.....

Okay... so it's been a while since I posted. So much for documented daily happiness. =) That was probably wishful thinking on my part anyways. Life is always full of twist and turns that it is hard for me to stay on schedule.

Things that have changed....

1. My mother in-law now lives with us. Which has mostly been great once I realized that having help around the house is better than taking claim to every inch of my house.
2. My sewing room became my mother in-laws room. Which got a complete make over. New floors and textured walls. Fresh paint and trim.
3. My son's room also got a complete make over and became a shared room of his stuff and my sewing stuff. I wasn't thrilled about the idea but once I realized I get better natural lighting. I don't think I will ever move out of it.
4. We got new carpet through out the house! Now that is a big deal!
5. My hubby finally got a new work car. No more watching him sit on the recliner searching for a car. (That was too much time wasted)
6. X got his drivers license and a car.

As a result, I have not thought much about sewing or crafting. I do have over 200 pictures sitting a Wal-greens waiting to be picked up so I can start a yearly photo album. I am thinking I would like to do a mobile phone album. Then each year I can delete everything on my phone and start new. That would be cool!

But anywho what started this post was....

I have been tempting to juice more for health. I bought a juicer last year. Which after a couple of months it ended up in the cabinet not being used. But I pulled it out over the Christmas break and I am ready to start again. Even KK is enjoying it this time.

So trying to get inspired I found a blog about juicing. Which she is now trying this out.... We have the same hopes and ideas but I believe she has more will power than me. Since I have never juiced for 30 days. To me that is scary!  Not because of health reason but because I love food! This diet is more of eating your healthy food than juicing them. Maybe the two combined will be more realistic for me. Since I love cruchy foods!

I have also bought a 5 year diary. One for me and one for my Mom. That is the one thing I wish my Dad would of had when he past.....a diary of his thoughts. I miss him so much and wish I had a small idea of his thoughts. Hopefully, she will do it for me. Even if its just for one least I will have one month of her thoughts.