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Friday, September 7, 2012

Today is Yucky Icky Day

Well, I debated if I would blog this today....but this is my life and it is not all positive. And I feel like jotting a little right now...So here it is "I feel like Poop today!" I have had stomach issues all week long and today I am just feeling groose. But in the spirit of stayin positive. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! We have planned to stay the night in Galveston at Moody Gardens. My Brother in-law has given us a Suite. Heard it's as big as a small house. Yipee! We plan on going to Pleasure Pier which has tons of spinning rides that on a normal day I would be thrilled but today....ugh...I hope I can survive it. We don't get to get out much so I am putting a smile on my face and committed to having a great time! I plan on taking tons of pictures, hopefully none of me vomitting. But if it happens Oh Well, I went out  celebrating my BDAY! I really do hope we make it to the antique shops tomorrow afternoon. I love going down to the strand just looking in all the shops. But that will all depend on little Miss KK. If she starts calling us home we will loose our relax mode and head on home. Fingers Crossed!

Okay....Time to document life through pictures!

My Babies Headed back to School 2012

Miss KK she was also so excited about going back to school. She has this back pack that lights up when she walks. She totally loving life right now!


The XMan setting up his room in college for the first time. He is so excited and I am thrilled for him. I just hate that he is so far away. It's been 2 weeks and it is still freaking me out!

Okay down below is a coral snake I killed the 3rd day of school. KK and her friend walked right up on in on the way to the car. Talk about freaking out! This day could have totally ended differently if it wasn't for the girls being smart and running like crazy. I hate even thinking about it again. Scary!

Ricky and I fishing on our new boat! Life is good! I love that MAN!


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