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Friday, February 3, 2012

Waldorf Dolls

The other day when I was reading blog. --So addicted-- I noticed that boo was holding this funny, little cute doll. My first instinct was "KK has to have one!"  And I was on a search, (I should be detective) on what kind of doll it was. Apparently, there is this world of Waldorf Dolls all over Etsy. They originated from Germany and they are made from all natural fibers. Sheep's wool, hand dyed yarn and so on. Unfortunately, they are also kinda pricey. So being my Dad's daughter my next thoughts are...."I can make it." You see my Dad believed he could make or fix anything. I believe he could too! The problem always was, was....WHEN! He always had a list of things that needed to get done. I would have felt sorry for him but if he felt like I feel....excited about the challenge....this is just our nature. I have so many projects to finish. And now I have added making a Waldorf doll to the list. I ordered the kit and made copies of the pattern. Now lets just see WHEN it gets done. lol

Funny moment to remember:
Mom: Today we were in a pickle!
KK: Yeah, we were in a pickle!
Essie: I'm Bread.

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