Capturing Happiness

Monday, October 1, 2012

#4 Sundays

Lately my favorite day of the week has been Sundays. This past Sunday was as perfect as the last one. I don't know if it is the cool weather, relaxing with my hubby and kk, or church. But they have just been wonderful. KK had her bestie over and they played so good while Ricky, my Mom and I watched the Texans game. I made baked chicken and pasta salad, we ate until we were completely satisfied. Lovely.

This was my happy moment in the day. The girls were playing with their dolls. Even Zoey was playing with Smokey the Bear...or shall I say chewing. Soon after this photo kk noticed and took the bear away from poor Zoey. I pray life is always this simple.

A Small Piece of My Paradise

When you look at this picture you might see a mat that needs to be straightened or leaves that should be sweeped but I see a little piece of my heaven. This is my Uncle Chris's porch. I rarely visit but it's a place where I feel home. It's where I enjoy drinking coffee in the morning and a bud light at night. There are no busy streets. Just dogs barking or strolling the street and the occassional smell of street dust as a truck drives by. I truly believe that when we go to heaven we will be surrounded by all the things here on earth that bring us peace. I know that it is said that there will be streets made of gold in Heaven but what if dirt roads are what I perfer?

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